Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pada zaman sekarang kusing pun dah pandai main tomoi..memang kita xpercaya tapi itulah hakikatnya.jika dilihat kita hanya tahu manusia sahaja yang mempunyai seni mempertahankan diri tetapi kucing sudah mula mempelajajari teknik ini,

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sambutan Bunga Api

Sambutan bunga api pada malam tahun baru Cina menyebabkan kesesakan jalanraya di Kuching. pada malam itu suasana agak tegang seperti peperangan di Ghazal.


Pada malam tahun baru saya mengadakan satu konvoi Club motor lagenda.


Ni gmbar mase g supermarket kat Desa Ilmu je.Masa jalan-jalan tiba2 terlihat seekor beruang yang besar.Pertama kali saya jumpa Teddy Bear yang sebesar itu. Harganya agak mahal jugak cuma RM599 je. Tapi Saya xmampu nk beli..

Friday, February 27, 2009

User personas give you great insight into users' goals and behaviour.But a web site often has its own goals that may be in conflict with the goals of the users. The site also often has Soft Goals, to support or develop its Brand.
Once you know what your site wants to achieve, and what your visitors want to achieve, it's time to start planning out the site's structure.You can also start by sketch out the experience, using pencil & paper, just showing the most important aspects of the interaction between site and user.
A key step in doing your page layout sketch is getting a good idea of where your visitors will want to look.When you craft the page on the computer, your job is to balance the relative noticeability of all the visual elements on the page, so that visitors will be drawn to the things that are most important.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Making Design Effective In Bussines

Making design effective in business is not an option! Without effective design solutions businesses will be denying their shareholders of a full and proper return on their investment in it. These are hard words, but the reality is that unless a business capitalises on every resource available it will not sustain differentiation, create competitive advantage, or evolve into a world-class performer. None of these ambitions are achievable without design.

For every company directing and managing design, for every one ensuring all design activity addresses real business issues, for every design consultancy that rigorously delivers the full weight of their creative capability through every design response, there will be an improvement in business performance as a result of using design in a demonstrably effective way.

Key to making design effective for any organisation is the critical need of everyone concerned with the work to understand ‘what success looks like’ before they start. This means ensuring that, before designing starts, both sides of the project team, the client and the designers, have a clear understanding of the criteria by which the design proposals, once they have been produced, will be judged. The responsibility for this happening is ultimately the client commissioning the work; however the designer has the responsibility of ensuring it has happened before designing starts.